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Foxworx provides reliable, long-term experience-based IT and Information Security services in the following areas

IT Management

► Business-driven analysis of IT needs and development opportunities
► Creation of IT strategies, roadmaps and action plans
► Management of necessary IT developments
► Management and organization of IT services
► Consultancy in the field of IT procurement

IT Infrastructure Development and Management

► Set-up of new computers, servers and other IT infrastructure
► Set-up of e-mail, remote access, firewalls and other IT services
► Management and update of IT services, hardware and software
► Resolution of IT problems

Information Security

► Current IT situation analysis and evaluation of the information security maturity level
► Setting goals and metrics for information security based on the company's business strategy
► Conduction of information security risk analyses
► Planning, deployment and management of the necessary cyber security solutions
► Compiling and keeping up-to-date information security policies, rules and guidelines
► Development and implementation of continuous improvement plan for information security

IT and Cyber Security Training

► Training about secure computer and internet use
► Raising cyber security awareness of company's employees
► Preparation and presentation of custom training courses in the field of IT and Cyber Security based on the customer needs

Our benefits

Optimal resources

Small and medium size companies and even some larger ones often don't need a full-time IT Manager or Information Security Manager – either there is not enough day-to-day work for such a specialist or it simply does not pay off to keep such an expert on the payroll. However, from time to time, there is need for good advice on how IT can help to do the core business better, how to organise daily IT activities, what hardware and software purchases would make sense, or how to protect the company from various cyber threats. This is where Foxworx comes in - with experience with various large and small businesses, we can always find the right solutions to the situation.


Foxworx has a very wide range of competencies from creating IT strategy or performing an information security risk assessment to setting up and maintaining specific IT or Cyber Security solutions. So we can provide customers with a comprehensive service where all the company's IT and information security concerns can be solved with us.


Since Foxworx does not represent any particular service provider, hardware or software manufacturer, it is always possible to propose the most appropriate solutions for the customer, depending on the particular circumstances.

About us

Foxworx was founded in 2016, based on longstanding experience in both IT Management and Information Security Management areas.
Our customers can leave all their IT concerns to us, in order to focus on their core business.

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